DATE: MAY 26, 2021 //  LOCATION: Gauchos Gym in NYC

The Omni Elite Classic is an annual high school all-star game, featuring the nationally top-ranked male and female players in the New York Tri-State area. This iconic event typically serves as their “send-off” game—one final moment to shine before most will advance to successful collegiate and professional basketball careers.

This unique event also provides the players with a platform and access to a community of top young athletes—while former and current NBA and WNBA players, give back their time and talent as mentors and guest speakers to the next generation.


Basketball is accessible to anyone with a pair of sneakers, a ball and a hoop—which is why it’s a globally-loved sport that traverses every socioeconomic tier. The Omni Elite Classic unites people together to celebrate this sport and promote positive change through our diverse platform.


The Omni Elite Classic is an annual all-star high school basketball game featuring the top-ranked boys and girls playing nationally in the New York Tri-State area. It’s purpose? To provide the ultimate stage for these talented players—while offering a unique opportunity to become part of a larger community, while raising awareness for causes that matter.
The O.E.C. is also a way to pay tribute to those who helped pave the way—starting with Frankie Williams; a friend, mentor and member / coach of the Theodore D. Young Community Center, where he interacted with countless players across New York’s Westchester County. 
ACES was honored to host the Frankie Williams Classic games between 2014 and 2019—and after a pandemic-induced hiatus in 2020—will grow that tradition in 2021, and beyond.


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